Arctic  festival where

winter becomes fun!

A few of the fun activities:

Plus plenty more to fill in your day!



The Vortex

The snow vortex is a tunnel where you get to walk through and experience an avalanche without having to go to the end of the world for it. A great start to a wonderful event.

Sno Pit


The Snow Pits

The snow pits are big blow up pits with beautiful fresh snow in them. There will be age groups on the snow pits where they will be opening a pit every 15 minutes. This will enable us to get people out and in a give them a freshen up. The snow will be made like the ski fields when they require more lush snow. buckets will be supplied at the snow pits so you can make a snowman if you want.



The Inflatable Challenge

The challenge is a huge blowup that is used for birthdays, big events and more. It has two slides that you climb up one side and slide down other and has also two sides on each side of that where you bounce around and use your ability to get to the other side to progress over the slide. The characters are associated with our event.



The Petz Carousel

The Petz Carousel is a merry go round.  It is a beautiful classic merry go round.

Snow Globe Small


The Snow Globe

Unfortunately the Snow Globe has had to visit the doctors. Hopefully it will be back soon!



The Snow Toss

The snow toss is a fun interactive game where you your ability to see if you can get the snowball into the holes.

A great hands on thing for kids to do.

ice fishing


The Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is a exciting new carnival type game that gives you the chance to win a fun toy! Experience what it's like to go fishing in the arctic and try out your luck.