We stand to offer you as customers a festival of blistering snow flakes to craft surprises.  Our festival will leave you with a smile on your face and a great chance to full in your holidays doing something with your children or grandchildren.

Yes it is a festival of all ages bringing families together while enjoying a day of sun, rain or snow.  We have so many options available to offer you going from arctic fishing  through to arctic bowling through to a vortex of avalanche capacity through to a challenge that will push your physical abilities beyond the atmosphere, a pit full of snow to cool you down but also the freezing treats to replenish after your expedition.

Our forest is dreamy yet relaxing,

Take photos and chill around the town and everywhere up and down,

Craft is happening at this moment prefer to rest with a mindful note,

Pull around the boards inside take a note of what’s outside,

There’s plenty there so don’t be shy grab your tickets and be surprised.

As the smile appears we all are having fun bring the kids and even mum

Dad, pop and nana  are invited too to explore the global avenue.

Great family and friends affair enough time to even do your hair

Instagram, Facebook spread the word as we will bring the show to life

A freezing snow fest of good times.